CareerSherpas: Climbing the Mountain

When you’re on the way, it helps to share the load


What’s with the name?

Sherpas are the native mountaineering guides of the Himalayas who have been relied on for successful ascent of the highest peaks for generations. Their daily work as climbing and terrain experts allowed many expeditions to succeed against impressive odds.

I took on the moniker CareerSherpas to express what I look to achieve for my clients – reaching the pinnacle of personal success. My own career has had ups and downs, but I’ve learnt a lot about the trajectories that can be set if you aim high and want to share that success and knowledge with others.

What makes CareerSherpas different?

CareerSherpas was founded on the idea that where one person can improve their life dramatically, everybody deserves the same chance to succeed.

I don’t live in an ivory tower, I work in the real world and see every day the trials, tribulations and enjoyment that work can bring when you’re doing what you enjoy. I came to do this because people often struggle with knowing and accepting what they really want to do or even realizing that they aren’t doing it.

I know what it means to develop and prosper in a professional career with a balanced and busy life, not because I’ve studied it, but because I live it every day.

Who am I?

My name is Peter Fitzgerald, and I am an ex-patriot Australian information technology professional with a broad array of experience in all the many facets of IT. But that doesn’t really start to explain how I wound up offering to help people with their careers does it? In a lot of ways it does! I started out helping friends, family and colleagues discover opportunities for growth and in doing so discovered a knack for connecting people with the things they really wanted to do and finding ways to help them do it.

I believe in practicing what I preach, and have consistently been applying the same techniques and approaches to my own career that I use to help others. While my results may not be typical, I have been able to consistently improve my situation over the past seven years and get involved in work that invigorates and engages me.

I want to share this success and help you set and achieve goals that make your life better. Contact me and let me help you find a fulfilling, successful career for you.