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Rapid-Fire Interviewing, A New Job and Lemonade

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Peter Fitzgerald is chronicling his process of navigating from losing his job to a new and brighter tomorrow. To read other posts from the series, see “Job Transition: A CareerSherpas’ Odyssey”.

Yes I had another crazy week that kept me away from blogging. However unlike the last sojourn the week was incredibly productive. Going into last week I had a conversation and one interview planned, by the end I’d attended four interviews and accepted a position which starts next week.

I will quite happily admit that at the end of the previous week I was a little concerned at the lack of activity. Maintaining a positive attitude through the job search is not an easy task and the down swings take a lot of energy to get through and recover from. Being able to go into an interview and present a strong, confident you is crucial to getting the right place.

At the same time I’ve found a lot of positive things in this search process. I’ve proven to myself the strength, vibrancy and diversity of my network. I have much of that network to thank for the support, guidance, encouragement and connections that got me through to a better spot.

I’ve also had my drive to help others in their career growth renewed. As I go into a job where I will get to stretch myself and gain experiences I’ve been looking for, I’m seeing the fruits of the struggles. I’m hoping that as this new chapter unfolds and others read through my journey that it gives them hope and new tools to approach their ever expanding horizons.

Which leads me to a wonderful documentary that I’d like to share called “Lemonade”. Lemonade explores the opportunity that being laid off gives everyone and the positive cycle that can be set in motion. By following the paths taken and the stories of a group of individuals laid off from the advertising industry, the film paints a wonderful montage of the possibilities. The film presents stories of a new mobile coffee venture and a self-published advertising commentator, a full time artist and a yoga instructor and more.

It’s a little off-beat in parts, but the message is clear: If you’re let go you’ve been given an opportunity and it is whatever you choose to make of it.

Peter Fitzgerald is the founder of and is currently working on his first book, preparing to start a new day job, connecting individuals with ideas and opportunities, and (periodically) attempting to learn the bagpipes.