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Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Peter Fitzgerald is chronicling his process of navigating from losing his job to a new and brighter tomorrow. To read other posts from the series, see “Job Transition: A CareerSherpas’ Odyssey”.

As I regroup from a very active few weeks, I wanted to share an update and give a bit of a preview of some articles I have in the works.

Unfortunately my absence doesn’t mean that I landed a position and was whisked away to intensively draw in the needs, expectations and environment of a new role. There have been ups, downs, an unexpected trip to Australia for a wedding in which I gauged the job market in Sydney and Melbourne (the trip was unexpected, the wedding was not) and lots of rushing around to get out submissions for positions. There have been some phone screens, a lot of positions taken off the table by internal candidates and a number of promising opportunities that haven’t provided feedback but that I have to assume aren’t in play anymore.

All that being said, the flow of opportunities hasn’t slowed much and there have been a number of roles popping out of the woodwork. I’m seeing a lot of available positions and I’m seeing a pretty good response for phone screening. I’m still hopeful, but I am concerned about the holiday season being just around the corner which presents its own issues to landing a new position.

More to come on the experiences and I’ve been working up some articles along the way. So over the next week you can expect to read more thoughts on the job search including:

  • Recruiters: What they can and can’t do for you
  • Things to consider in using social media
  • Disappointments and staying positive

Peter Fitzgerald is the founder of and is currently working on his first book, looking for a new day job, connecting individuals with ideas and opportunities, and attempting to learn the bagpipes.