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Protecting Your Job in a Recession

 A recent Harvard Business Review article (via BNET) lends credit to the well worn concepts of how to make your position secure in an organization. While it’s hard to argue with their recommendations, many are thoughts that appear time and time again and which definitely hold true in any economy.

It’s important to remember that layoffs happen even in good economies, and many of the practices of making yourself appealing as an employee are important whether or not the storms are brewing or the waves crashing over your company. As’s Ruth Morss lays out in her article “Guide to Surviving a Layoff”, there are many opportunities to shore up your position, whether the options make sense for you or not, investing the time to try to avoid the layoff list is well worth your time if you want to stay in your current job.Take Fortune’s “Ask Annie” as Anne Fisher lays out again in “8 ways to recession-proof your job”, your visibility, contributions, cost saving ideas, your network and maintaining a positive attitude (or as she puts it “no whining allowed”)all play a part in making your position more stable.

For a more visually cheery approach, you might want to try Forbes’ article “How to Recession-Proof Your Job” which shares much the same ideas, but with an “in pictures” twist for fun.

Whoever makes the most compelling case, or offers the ideas that fit your situation best, look realistically at where you are, what turn your company’s fortunes are taking and how you can best weather the storm. It may be that your position is already much more secure than you think, and if not, maybe it’s worth showing that you’re engaged, delivering and ready for the challenges ahead.

Got your own suggestions for protecting your job? Share them in the comments.

Peter Fitzgerald is the founder of and is currently working on his first book, managing a team of project managers, and attempting to learn the bagpipes.

2 Responses to “Protecting Your Job in a Recession”

  1. CTodd Says: just sent its weekly newsletter today with an article about “10 Recession-Proof Jobs.” Check it out: There’s also a slightly updated “Guide to Surviving a Layoff” located at the following link:

    Good luck!

    Corlese Todd

  2. pfitzgerald Says:

    Thanks Corlese, I appreciate the update!

    It’s tough times out there for a lot of people, but for anyone with the opportunity to help out those who have been laid off it’s also a great opportunity to make positive connections. It’s never a bad thing to share whatever you can, and you never know where anyone you help might end up.

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